ATAKAN BAYKAL | Forest engineer at General Directorate of Forestry of Turkey

Atakan Baykal is a forest engineer living in Turkey. His adventure in photography started in 1997. He has been a professional nature photographer with the General Directorate of Forestry of Turkey (GDF) since 2008. He captures Turkish forests through documentaries and photographs. He won several prizes in the national photo contests and last year during UNFF10 he was also one of the winners of International Forest Photograph Award. Atakan was born in Kirklareli, Turkey in 1979. He graduated from Istanbul University – Forestry Faculty in 2000. He has worked in the GDF since 2002.


INGEBORG BROMÉE | Deputy director at the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs

Deputy director at the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs, Agriculture and Forestry Division. Her educational background is a Master of Political Sciences at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and studies abroad at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. At the start of her carrier she worked at the European farmers’ and their cooperatives’ organization – COPA COGECA, situated in Brussels – as a policy advisor for Environment, Rural Development and Forestry gained insights in the European Union (EU) institutional machinery. After a couple of years in the private sector she joined the Ministry in 2008 and headed the Swedish team in the EU Presidency in the fall of 2009. Her field of work for the Swedish government has mainly involved forest-related international negotiations at EU, pan-European and global levels. Today her portfolio is dominated by forest-related EU-policymaking and the voluntary track of the FOREST EUROPE process.


GERDA WOLFRUM | Communication and public relations in IUFRO

Gerda Wolfrum coordinates communication and public relations work at the Headquarters of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) based in Vienna, Austria. She graduated as a translator and interpreter for English and Spanish and started her career in IUFRO as a translator and editor of IUFRO News and other publications. Throughout her time with IUFRO she has been responsible for the development of the graphic design and layout of the organization’s brochures and information material.


AMAYA HERNÁNDEZ | Photographer

Amaya Hernández was born in Madrid in 1980. She studied Fine Arts at the Madrid Complutense University, majoring in sculpture; Cinema Photography Directing at the TAI school and an International Master’s in Photography from the Efti school. During the course of her career she has received major prizes like: Generations 2012, Bancaja Digital Art Award, Injuve Award for Creation by Young People, an Honourable Mention at the Purificación García Photography Contest, Plastic Arts Circuits and Community of Madrid Photography and Young Creators Avenida de América.



JOSEBA DEL VILLAR | Biologist and photographer

He has specialised in fauna, flora and natural areas photography. He is the author of the photos shown at many natural areas´interpretation centres and has worked on various specialized publications. He has also staged various exhibitions and audio-visual events. He has won various photography awards, including the Biotxu from the Environmental Department of the Basque Government for work on conservation of the natural environment.



PILLE KALDA | Public Relations counsellor in the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia

Pille Kalda is from Estonia. She is currently working as a public relations counsellor in the Ministry of the Environment of Estonia. In the past she used to work in forestry sector and earlier she was a journalist. Pille likes to be outdoors, walk in the forest, do some gardening and enjoy the beauty that the nature gives us. In summer and autumn she spends lots of time in the forest to pick berries and mushrooms, because it is the food that nature is providing for cooking a delicious meal.