FOREST EUROPE is pleased to invite you to the second edition of the Show Off Your Forest Photography Contest. In 2014 we are setting you a new photographic challenge: show us how forests protect us and how we can protect them. We’d like you to tell us with the aid of one or several photos the benefits forests provide us with and how they protect us. Show us what threats they face and what would happen if they weren’t protected. Show us how they are being protected and how you can protect them.

Protecting forests, protecting ourselves!

Forests provide us with food, energy and shelter, as well as a wide range of products and immaterial benefits. They are home to thousands of animal and plant species and form one of nature’s most spectacular landscapes.

But forests not only give us things… they also protect us.

Forests help prevent soil loss and erosion, preserve drinking water resources, stabilize stream banks and sand dunes, and reduce noise pollution. They also absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and are therefore vital in the fight against climate change.

They protect our health.

you protect forest web

And that’s not all!

Because forests play an important role in protecting human infrastructures from avalanches, landslides and rock falls, as well as natural or human-induced hazards such as storms, fires, desertification, and floods…this being particularly relevant in mountainous areas or areas with extreme climate.

But forests need protecting too. Forests face many threats that could compromise the benefits they provide – both natural threats such as pests, diseases, and storms, and human-induced such as air and water pollution, illegal logging, urbanization, man-made fires, and fragmentation. Goods, services and protection provided by forests could be at risk if they are not adequately protected and sustainably managed.

Since 1990, FOREST EUROPE (The Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) has been working for the protection of forests in the pan-European region and for the promotion of sustainable forest management.

For over two decades, the signatory countries of the FOREST EUROPE process have been developing policies and tools to protect forests, promoting sustainable management, education and research on forests, and raising awareness of how forests contribute to a healthy environment and human well-being.

…Because protecting forests means protecting ourselves.
And we want to know your views on this.

Show us how your forests are being protected.
Show us how YOU protect forests.
Show us how forests protect us.
Show us what would happen if we did not protect forests.
Show us what threatens your forests.
Show us the benefits provided by forests.

Show Off Your Forest.